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The Brutality of Git

I love Git. Live by it. Swear by it. Interact with it all the damn time. I mostly love it.

Sometimes it stabs me in the face though…while on master:

# Grab the latest
git pull

# Deploy a branch to heroku: 
git push --force staging feature/the_awesome_sauce:master

Then boom, the shank to the face:

feature/the_awesome_sauce is not deployed like I think

Instead, a old commit from the feature/the_awesome_sauce is deployed, arrrrr…

They be different:

the_project$ git show-ref feature/the_awesome_sauce
6c9900faca9g2d758bf6g00a7418af37b315f3a7 refs/heads/feature/private_libraries
ecc4c76220c5d399c0e1d53e950e456a4329ad56 refs/remotes/origin/feature/private_libraries

Don’t get stabbed in the face. Know the difference between remote and local branches.

Use git push --force staging origin/feature/the_awesome_sauce:master next time.